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Without discrimination of any sort, each native of Democratic Republic of the Congo, 18 years and older, living in the State of Tennessee, can join the CCTN as either active or considerate member.

Active member:

  • Each native of democratic Congo 18+

  • Person born of Congolese parents

  • A person bound by marriage to a CCTN's member who requests 


Considerate member:

Membership recognized to a person without any Congolese roots none so ever that supports financially, morally and/or materially the organization's projects.

  • All natural or moral person.

  • A Congolese Citizen living in an area outside of CCTN scope.

  • A CCTN's member who left the State of Tennessee.

  • Congolese worldwide contributing financially for the success of CCTN's goals

For more information, please refer to our By-Law.


You can join by cliquing Register now to fill the form and send $2.00 for Membership Card


You pay $10.00 monthly as active member

Events and Calendar

Women of Warm Heart

Women of  the CCTN have decided to rise and be active. Their 1st meeting was on March 31st, 2018. About 10 Women attended

April 28th, 2018

A 2nd meeting held at Josephine's apartment. About 20 women attended

The next meeting will be held on May 26th, 2018. in Franklin at Mrs Lili's home

Congolese, register with the CCTN

Since a long time Congolese from DRC have been living in Nashville Tennessee and its neighborhood. Lately more congolese families moved to our State: some from different States and others through immigation.

Bereavement Announcement 11/02/2019

Identify Yourself to CCTN

You are a Congolese from DRC, living in Tennessee, in Nashville and its neighborhood, we want to know you.

Photo Adriel.jpg

We would like to inform you of the families in our community who are currently in bereavement. Our heartfelt condolences, thoughts and prayers are with the following families:

 BINEZA family - Lost their eldest son: Adriel Bineza,  (see picture). POC - 615-423-8496, 615-568-2111

Mrs. Elvire Matumona (Rodin's wife) - Lost her father in Kinshasa (D.R. Congo): 615-267-8430


Ms. Lily Kambu family - Lost their father in Central Congo , DRC: 615-498-0261

Mr. Fula Kasongo - Lost his mother in D.R. Congo

We encourage all those who know the families, or wish to present their condolences to do so at this time. Additional detail on memorial services can be obtained by contacting the respective families.


The families wish to express their gratitude to those who have supported them during this time

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