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The CCTN Structure


As described in the Article IV of our by-law, the Congolese Community of Tennessee is structured as follow:

Main Organs


  • The General Assembly

  • The Executive Committee

  • The Administration Council


  • Cultural, Youth, Sport and Leasure

  • Education, Economy, Development and Research

  • Gender and Family

  • Social

About Us

The General Assembly (Since August 2009)

The General Assembly is the Supreme Organ endowed with all powers to manage CCTN. Its decisions are without recourse and they are opposable to all present or absent members. The General Assembly is composed of all active members who have paid their contributions.

The Executive Committee (Since August 2009)

Under the supervision of a chosen Electoral Committee, the General Assembly elected the following persons to lead, for two (2) years, the CCTN:

  • The President:

  • The General Secretary:

  • TheAdministrative Secretary:

  • The Treasurer:

  • The Public relation Counselor:

  • The Counselor:

The Administration Council (Since August 2009)

Ten persons were elected the same day as members of the board in charge of controling and evaluating the General Assembly's decisions as executed by the Executive Committee

  • The President:

  • The Vice-President:

  • The Secretary Reporter:

  • Seven Members:


The Commissions (Posted on May 15, 2013)

The Executive Committee, with the endowed power, created and appointed Presidents and Vice-Presidents to serve on the commissions.

  • The Counselor in charge of Social Activities

  • The Counselor in charge of Cultural Activities, Youth and Sports

  • The Counselor in charge of Education, Economy, Development and Research

  • The Counselor in charge of Gender and Family

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